Worker's Guide

To potentially be a more easily discovered highlighted worker, you should complete your profile as much as possible. This will help employers find you.

We therefore recommend that you do all of the following:

  • Include a profile picture
  • Record an introduction. You may simply read your introduction paragraph.
  • Take our English and Critical Reasoning test as well as our Typing Test.

About our skills test

English and Critical Reasoning Test

Our English and Critical Reasoning test consists of five question categories which are progressively more difficult. The easiest questions require basic English fluency and reading comprehension, the most difficult require critical reasoning that only roughly the top 5% of adults in predominantly English-speaking developed countries would be able to reliably achieve perfect scores.

The test is also timed with reasonable intervals so that those who at least have basic English fluency will have enough time to complete the test. We offer a sample test that you may refer to with an answer key so you may become familiarized with the question categories. The test is also timed.

Typing test

A fast typing speed is a universally desired skill and is a rough proxy for a variety of skills, therefore, we also factor typing speed in our overall assessment. You may apply the typing test score by itself or combine it with the applicant’s proficiency test at a ⅓ weightage by selecting both on the grid.

Interpreting Test Scores

To understand how to interpret test scores, visit our "skills test guide" to see how scores get interpreted.
Scores generally fit into three categories:
i) "exemplary ability" level, which is expected normally from honors graduates,
ii) "versatile ability" level, which is expected normally from typical university graduates,
iii)"good proficiency" level, which is expected normally from at least a community college graduate.