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Using an EOR to hire foreign workers

Think you need to incorporate abroad to hire a foreign employee?

Think again. More and more, HR leaders are discovering and making use of the Employer of Record (EOR) model to hire internationally.

Our two recommended EORs providers include  OysterHR andRemote, which are linked on our main page.

Our English and Critical Reasoning test consists of five question categories which are progressively more difficult.

The easiest questions require basic English fluency and reading comprehension, the most difficult require critical reasoning that only roughly the top 5% of adults in predominantly English-speaking developed countries would be able to reliably achieve perfect scores.

The test is also timed with reasonable intervals so that those who at least have basic English fluency will have enough time to complete the test.

We offer a sample test that you may refer to with an answer key so you may become familiarized with the question categories. The test is also timed.