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Welcome to HireBasis,

where global talent meets opportunity.

Who we are?

About the Founder

Founded by Hasan Abdullah, a visionary US business owner. The inception of HireBasis began with a simple yet powerful idea. While recruiting for his law firm, Hasan discovered the immense potential of hiring skilled professionals from Southeastern Europe.

The positive experience of international hiring not only diversified his team but also unveiled a path to increased profitability and efficiency. This led to the idea to create a job board that allows employers to discover international candidates using skills based hiring.

At HireBasis, we believe in breaking boundaries.

The 'Great Resignation' following the Covid-19 pandemic left many Western economies, including the US, grappling with unprecedented employee shortages. In 2021 alone, a staggering 47 million Americans left their jobs. We saw this challenge as an opportunity – an opportunity to connect talented individuals from across the world with businesses in need.

  • Our platform is built on two innovative hiring trends:
    • - Skills-Based Hiring (SBH)
    • - Worldwide Remote Job Hiring

With the rise of Employers of Record (EOR), we've made it seamless for companies to hire internationally without the complexities of incorporation.

HireBasis is more than a job board; it's a bridge between diverse talents and forward-thinking businesses.

Join us in reshaping the world of work, where distances are shortened, and possibilities are endless.